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The Soviet Juggernaut Earl F. Ziemke

The Soviet Juggernaut

Earl F. Ziemke

Published January 1st 1980
ISBN : 9780809433896
208 pages
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 About the Book 

Although Time-Lifes 39 volume World War 2 series spreads the Russian campaigns apart with multiple volumes in-between, I find for narrative purpose reading Russia Besieged, Red Army Resurgent and this, The Soviet Juggernaut, as a 3-book set helps sustain the tension unto climax. The photography is the main reason to read this- I was particularly struck by the haunting snapshot of a mother and her children sprawled dead on the banks of the Black Sea in RAR with the final photo in this book, that of children jumping rope and smiling after the Nazis were finally curb-stomped back to central Europe. The main annoyance is the scarcity of maps--they pop up now and again, but many pages of engagements, defeats, and squeaked-out triumphs go by without visual depiction other than flipping forward to the main map... best read with a WW2 atlas, perhaps.