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Vazkor, Son of Vazkor (Birthgrave, #2) Tanith Lee

Vazkor, Son of Vazkor (Birthgrave, #2)

Tanith Lee

Published February 2nd 1982
ISBN : 9780879977092
220 pages
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 About the Book 

I saw her, hanging in the sky like a flake of the moon. A woman, her face masked by a black shireen, her body by a black shift, but her white arms spread, and her white, white, bone-white hair blowing all around her like a flame composed of smoke. Recognition was immediate. It was my mother. I shouted at her. It was crystal clear to me, what he had meant for me, my father, Vazkor, what she had robbed me of. And I drew from my belt my hunting knife and threw it at her heart.